In this exceptional, epic, multi-generational novel from award-winning Sikh author Sohan Koonar, the lives of three characters in India intertwine from the advent of the Second World War to the beginning of modern time.

Paper Lions traces the effects of war, independence, partition, and the younger generation on the ancient traditions and ways of life. Colourful, tragic, and absolutely riveting, Paper Lions brings historical India to itself in the lives of its characters.

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Sohan S. Koonar has lived on four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. A physiotherapist by training, a founder of a multi-clinic company, and an inventor with international patents, Sohan’s hobby of story-telling has won him the Judge’s Choice Award in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest and the first Burlington Library Literary Excellence Award. His self-published novel Karam’s Kismet drew mentions in sixteen US dailies and periodicals.

This novel has all the sensual pleasures of a place: colour, flavour, sound…and a well-paced saga of families intertwined that I would deem a “page-turner” – despicable characters and corruption as well as romance, spirituality and the early seeds of feminism.

Laurie Smith


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